The Network of Ahafo Youth Associations (NAYAS) is a  network of youth associations, graduates and students  unions, girls and women  associations, vulnerable groups and other youth-led organisations working as non-profit community base organisation in Ahafo. Established in early 2011,NAYAS is working to create opportunities for the youth and to provide them with an environment conducive for their sustainable development and full participation in community development. NAYAS has a Secretariat in Kenyasi 2 in the  Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana


 Our vision is "to have a society where the youth, communities and youth-led organisations can provide an enabling environment for sustainable development of the people and their communities".



NAYAS exists to empower people, provide opportunities  and resources, provide a high quality representative membership and voluntary services and  ensure  effective management of resources to enhance sustainable development of people and communities. NAYAS works to identify and bridge gaps for sustainable development.


1. To serve as the youth platform to champion social, economic and environmental issues

2. To develop the capacity of youth Associations, youth-led CBOs and communities to engage in policy formulation and implementation.

3. To promote women and youth empowerment in communities.

4. To promote communities participation in initiatives towards the development of youth, children and young women.

5. To work towards the maintenance of good and healthy stakeholders’ relationship based on mutual trust and respect.



We have worked in bridging gaps for sustainable development by  focusing in a wide range of areas including:Working with/for communities, Youth Leadership and Governance, Peace building and conflict prevention,   Employment and entrepreneurship, Youth and Women empowerment, Environment, Health and safety, Human rights, Micro credit and business development, Vocational and Technical Training, Career guidance and mentoring and Volunteerism and networking.



The following values statements are the “under-pinning” for NAYAS's long-term success:

1)Opportunity and Accessibility-We will: Provide opportunities/choices for Ahafo youth to enhance their learning capabilities; Be accessible and open to all participants, regardless of their abilities; Be a change agent for social inclusion.

2)Community and Awareness Support-We will: Attain and sustain a very high level of community awareness so that people know who we are, what we provide, and how to access opportunities; Be perceived as an integral and valued part of communities, such that if we failed to exist, there would be an outcry in the community.

3)Quality -  We will: Deliver significantly higher quality programs and services for all participants and supporters; Furnish quality, secretariat, educational tools, venues and personnel.

4)OrganisationWe will: Endeavour to be an integrated cohesive organization (thinking globally, acting locally);Maintain a strong passionate and committed group of volunteers; Be accountable to our members and partners – Decision-making processes will be transparent, clear, fair and consistent.